“In 500 yards, take a soft rizzle, ya dig?”

1 12 2009

FTW. Whoever thought of making this a reality over at Tom Tom needs to get a severe raise. I already said that Snoop has the most recognizable voice in the game, how long until it’s the most recognizable GPS navigator in the world? The takeover begins now. Read the rest of this entry »


Why your Top 10 list blows

19 11 2009

[Ed. note: This was previously published over at MidwestSwing, which is now defunct (pours out a little for his homies). Please enjoy it if you haven’t read it before.]

I don’t know much about anything, but I read a lot of shit people put out on the internet, including our own. When reading, I often come about “Top 10″ lists. Sometimes I’ll find a “Top 15″ list. And sometimes, some crazy people like Complex come out with “Top 100″ lists of the decade. Here’s the thing about these lists — I hate them. Read the rest of this entry »