“Go West, young man.”

26 02 2010

One of the most historic quotes in American history, coined by none other than Fergie, I assume. [Ed. note: Horace Greeley made it popular, but who cares] Rhyme&Reason has been unusually quiet of late, but it has been with good reason. The CEO, COO, CFO, President of sales and marketing, editor, art director, writer and intern are all moving to California.

Yes, all of those people are in fact the same person. I like titles, ok? They’re good for self-esteem, I saw it on Oprah.

Rhyme&Reason has only been in existence for a short while, so while I don’t really know what this Web site is yet, I know what it’s not. And in this place, which is apparently some sort of series of tubes (thanks, Al), sometimes that’s more important anyway. Read the rest of this entry »