Pitchfucked: Wanna learn business good? Read 50’s books and shit!

17 11 2009

Oh, Pitchfork. Your albums reviews are shining rainclouds in a world filled with rainbows and sunshine. You hate everything music has to offer, which seems strange considering you are a music publication, but that is just one of the many ways you Pitchfork people prove your superior wits to us lowly mouth-breathers. So let’s read one of your reviews together, so we can all be as educated on what should be considered good and what should be thrown into the Hudson Bay.  Read the rest of this entry »


50 Cent not totally sure how this rap-thing works, pushes album release up instead of back

10 11 2009

50 Cent‘s album, Before I Self Destruct, was slated to be released November 23rd. Then why did I click on the iTunes last night and find his album not only featured, but available for purchase? Curtis says that because his album was leaked, and given praise from numerous outlets, he decided to release the digital version of his album on November 9th (yesterday) and the hard copy the following week.

Bullshit. Read the rest of this entry »

Record of the Day: “Psycho (feat. Eminem)” – 50 Cent

6 11 2009

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