Avatar, FAILblog and you

11 01 2010

What did Rhyme&Reason think about Avatar? Great visuals. Stunning. Changed the way we looked at action movies the way The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribbean and Transformers did. Maybe even more so.

And what about the plot? This pretty much sums up our thoughts on the plot.

Also, the other one, miniscule hang up we couldn’t get over: It took three months for the main character Jake Sully, to go from being (presumably) interested in humans to some sort of giant blue catfrog-like creature.

Three months? That’s it? Three months? Sorry, it takes far longer than a season for Rhyme&Reason to switch our sex de jour from people to aliens. I don’t care if James Cameron did make the aliens look people-like and had the audience wonder if the female alien was topless throughout the entire film.

Aliens ≠ People. Sorry, James.


New Moon? More like Old Balls

24 11 2009

After watching the first two movies in the Twilight saga (movies that I enjoyed despite Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s acting abilities), I’ve come to a stirring conclusion. If someone asked my for a one sentence summary, this is what I would say:

Twilight: In which a vampire falls head-over-heels in love with a girl named Bella Swan, and vice-versa.

Riveting, I know. But you know what, that’s not quite right. Read the rest of this entry »

Jim Halpert’s a real dick.

19 11 2009

It’s Thursday, and for most people in my age demographic, that means it’s time for you to snuggle up to NBC’s comedy lineup of Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office and 30 Rock. Now I could talk about all of these shows (mostly positively too), but today you get just one: The Office.

Specifically, I want you to know — while you watch Dwight and Andy and Michael and Pam and Jim and Ryan and Phallus and Kevin and the rest — that Jim Halpert’s a real dick. Read the rest of this entry »