Read Me: Journalistic incest with Mark McGwire and his PR team

12 01 2010

Laid out by the New York Times, discover how PR and big business are turning your news into a mockery.

Essentially, this “news” that we’re learning about is a carefully managed PR move done. A PR move by an agency who just so happens to be owned by the same people that represent Bob Costas, the man at the MLB network that got an exclusive interview. Not to mention it’s the MLB network, the business that technically formerly and currently employs Mark McGwire.

It important to note that this doesn’t mean Bob Costas was lobbing softballs, it doesn’t means that everyone had a hand in the action. It just shows how commonplace it is for journalistic lines — lines which should always be clearly defined, transparent and uncompromising — to be ignored.

It used to be that journalists had a responsibility to be transparent and forthwith with all of their information, and sadly in this day that responsibility  has partly fallen onto the consumer. It is still critically important for journalists to be held to a higher standard, but if we think they can do the job on their own we are kidding ourselves.

Make sure you know how you get your news. Read news from reputable sources and multiple sources. Mark McGwire’s steroid use may be if little (if any) importance, but you never know what the next big story is going to be, and how it’s going to change your life.




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