RotD: “Give it to Me” – Rhymefest

10 12 2009

Ah, cartoons from yesteryear. Your folksy, wide-ranging racism was family fun for white audiences everywhere. Then, somewhere between 1990 and 1996, television networks realized that maybe, just maybe we shouldn’t re-run old toons that portray all Indians as red-nosed drunks, black people as watermelon-loving, lazy slobs and Asians as some sort of human/beaver wearing glasses. And this is why I love Rhymefest, because he made an entire music video illustrating how fucking ridiculous America was not more than 60 years ago.

Talk about white guilt. Even our cartoons were racist.

It’s almost awe inspiring, that back in the day cartoonists from Disney and Warner Brothers could just draw the most offensive caricatures of minorities without even thinking about it. Look at that video. Like Dave Chappelle said, “Have you ever experienced something so racist, that you weren’t even mad? Like it happened to someone else?”

In terms of the music, I have no idea when El Che is supposed to come out, but Rhymefest has dug his own hole into hip-hop obscurity by failing to release an albums for years. He’s still one of my favorite emcees of all time, because of his deftness at story-telling, humor and wordplay, but I can’t blame people for not being into him. He doesn’t put out enough records.

Please ‘fest, make more music. And hurry.

“Give it to Me” – Rhymefest ★★★




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