Rhymefest v. B.o.B: Who remixed it better?

1 12 2009

When Three Dog Night made “One” way back in 1969, I bet they didn’t think that 40 years later people would be blogging about it on the interwebs. Well Three Dog Night, you got served because that’s exactly what we’re doing.

You all know the song I’m talking about, it’s been featured in countless movies and commercials, covered by people like Aimee Mann and that other guy (maybe). But here at R&R, we’ve come across two remixed versions of Three Dog Night’s legacy, and we aren’t sure which one we like better.

In the blue corner, hailing from Chi-City, the one and only Rhymefest, grammy-winning rapper and ghost-writer of Kanye West‘s “Jesus Walks”, and his version “Tell a Story”.

In the red corner, by way of Atlanta aka Black Hollywood, B.o.B and his remix “One”.

It’s close, both are pleasant on the ears, and both excel in their own ways. ‘Fest’s beat — using the piano-derivative of the original song is stronger than the beat Bobby Ray uses. The piano makes the beat and Rhymefest put that on display. But Bobby actually put a snippet of Three Dog Night singing the iconic chorus.

Plus, B.o.B has a pretty good feature in Big Kountry, his voice definitely fits the song. But Rhymefest has stronger lyrics. And his song’s theme resonates a little better than B.o.B’s.

Decisions, decisions. It’s like Sophie’s Choice, except the opposite.

There’s plenty more where this came from, in fact, I’ll give you a sneak peek: The next round is an Imogean Heap-off. Get your Mmmm What’cha Says ready.




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