“In 500 yards, take a soft rizzle, ya dig?”

1 12 2009

FTW. Whoever thought of making this a reality over at Tom Tom needs to get a severe raise. I already said that Snoop has the most recognizable voice in the game, how long until it’s the most recognizable GPS navigator in the world? The takeover begins now.

Let’s all pray that Garmin decides to counter this by offering Young Jeezy a job. “At this next street, make a got damn left, ha-Haa.” Or maybe we can get Twista to give back to his community and do all of the El announcements for the Chicago Transit Authority. “ThisisFullertonandyouknowthedoorsopenontheleft.”

Fuck it, let’s just make rappers the official voice of anything official. Airlines, Ken Burns documentaries, the Emergency Broadcast System — won’t somebody get Ja Rule on the phone and ask if he wants to be the voice of 411?




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