You know what goes great with yams? A side of Lupe Fiasco

24 11 2009

For all of you Lupe Fiasco fanatics wasting away while praying that Lasers is actually a real honest-to-goodness album … I have no idea if that thing is going to come out anytime soon.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some Lupe to tide you over before the big release. On Thanksgiving (also known as Turkey Day by people that I want to slap in the face) Lupe’s going to release the mixtape Enemy of the State: A Love Story. I’m sure Nana wont mind if you want to run that through the house speakers while you all argue over who gets the dark meat.

Who knows what it’ll be filled with, chocolaty goodness of half-assed crap, but usually Lupe’s mixtapes are good for more than a few spins.

Plus, here’s a little bonus so you can remember why you liked Lupe so much in the first place. I don’t think this is on the mixtape, it’s just a little remix by the kid from the West Side of Chi and Dirty Money.

“Angels” (Remix) (feat. Lupe Fiasco) – Dirty Money ★★★




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