RotD: “What Would I Want? Sky” – Animal Collective

24 11 2009

Animal Collective — Indie music’s great white hope. Seriously. Pitchfork gave this song a 10. Out of 10. I shit you not. There’s no such thing as a 10. Not just for music either, in anything, in life. No 10’s. Because think about it, if you ever reached 10 on a scale, then what?

Is Pitchfork telling me this is the perfect song? Should I just pack it in? Is this it for music? How can it get better? Can I type more consecutive rhetorical questions? Seriously though, this is a life lesson for the kiddies out there — there are no 10’s. Giselle ain’t a 10. Michael Jordan can’t play basketball at a 10. Albert Einstein’s brain tops out at 9.99, not 10.

You know what they say: Nobody’s perfect. Well, there was this one guy, but we killed him a long time ago.

Yeah, we’re talking about Jesus. He was a 10. The guy made Franzia out of Ice Mountain. Maybe that’s the benchmark. Fall Be Kind EP comes out December 8th. Try not to ruin your skinny jeans thinking about it.

“What Would I Want? Sky” – Animal Collective ★★★




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