Record of the Day: “No Man’s Land” – Bobby Ray

17 11 2009

Honestly, I don’t know shit about Bobby Ray aka B.o.B, so let’s fire up the ol’ Wikipedia and see what we can find out. Let’s see … he’s from Atlanta, signed under T.I.‘s Grand Hustle records … did a song with Asher Roth and Charles Hamilton (yikes) … had a track on Madden 10 … Oh, and here’s a nice little nugget, he was born in 1988. He’s 21 years old.


Nothing will thrust you from “I’m young, I can do anything!” to “My life is over” quite like someone younger than you experiencing an incredible amount of success. “Wait, he’s what? He’s younger than me? Really? FUCK.”

This comes off B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray. Enjoy.




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20 11 2009
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