Record of the Day: “Anyone But Him” (feat. Kanye West) – Mr Hudson

16 11 2009

I got the opportunity over the weekend to, uh, “borrow” Mr Hudson‘s new album — Straight No Chaser — and I’m impressed by almost everything on it. Admittedly, “Anyone But Him” with Kanye West wasn’t my favorite tune on the album, that honor has gone to “Life Your Head” or “There Will be Tears”, but I couldn’t find a good version of those tracks to share, so you’re going to have to settle for this.

Trust me though, there isn’t a lot of settling going on anywhere on the album. I can only assume Mr Hudson’s thought process went like this: Hey, remember when people liked the Postal Service? And then they stopped making records? And remember how Kanye West can make an electronic-based album like nobody else? Let’s just take the Postal Service’s sound, Kayne’s creativity and see what happens.

There was an interview where Kanye said Mr Hudson has the potential to become a bigger star than him. Everyone thought he was completely full of shit, but after listening to the 13 tracks on Straight No Chaser, ol’ dude could be on to something.

“Anyone But Him” (feat. Kanye West) – Mr Hudson ★★★




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