Next week’s diet filled with delicious, bulk-forming music

13 11 2009

This week was sort of our unofficial official launch at R&R, and we want you to stick around, so we’re going to give you a little insight into what you can look forward to next week.

  • Hopefully Pitchfork will give us the great pleasure of another scathing album review, so we can make fun of it and throw in some dick jokes. We’re hoping for a 50 Cent review, but if all else fails, we’ll settle for John Mayer.
  • We’ve got guest writer Joshua Mosley filling in for Smooth S. Butter, Esq. on the next edition of Rhyme v. Reason, in which the courts decide who is the greatest melanin-deficient rapper to ever pick up the microphone.
  • New music from Rihanna, Mr Hudson, Blakroc (hopefully), the aforementioned John Mayer, and hopefully another lifestyle article like this little number here, which was very well received from all accounts we’ve heard.

Thank you for visiting Rhyme&Reason, enjoy the weekend. Except Jay Cutler. You think about what you did on Thursday. I want a full page ad — in color — with your written apology in the Sunday Tribune. Get goin’, you’ve got a lot to be sorry for.




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