Record of the Day: “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart” – Alicia Keys

12 11 2009

In an unexpected move, Alicia Keys has channeled her inner Berlin, Cyndi Lauper and whatever ’80s pop-star you associate the ’80s with and made “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart”, off of her upcoming album The Element of Freedom. There might not be an actual instrument used on this record. It sounds like it should be in a laser light show. A fucking AWESOME laser light show.

I dig it. It’s corny, there are literally laser noises going on in the background, and it sounds nothing like Alicia Keys’ music. However, the ’80s were fucking awesome, they gave us the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls and most importantly, me. Fuck yeah.

The one problem, the hook: “Tonight, I’m gonna find a way to make it without you”. WHO IS BREAKING YOUR HEART? You can sing, you can act, you’re smoking hot and you seem not to be a total piece of shit. Sometimes, I feel like only ugos should be able to sing songs about nobody wanting to be with them.

And if you’re really looking for someone to snuggle up close to you, I’ve been told my skin is as smooth and supple as fine Middle Eastern silk. Except I get inside spoon. Sorry, those are the rules.

“Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart” – Alicia Keys ★★★




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