Record of the Day: “Meiplé (Me I Play)” (feat. Jay-Z) – Robin Thicke

9 11 2009

First thing’s first. I’m 90% sure the beat has the word ‘fuck’ in it. Not the song, the beat. It’s a little funny to find yourself listening to a song for the first time and doing a double take to the beat. “Did he- did Robin Thicke just make part of the beat a girl moaning ‘fuck’?” I’m pretty sure. If Nas has taught us anything, it’s that having a beat with ‘fuck’ and involving Jay-Z in the same song is a recipe for success.

The song itself is light-hearted, kind of bubble-gum, but it’s worth a spin. Oh, and Jay-Z kills his featured part. He should have gotten two verses, because he stomped it. Say what you will about Jay-Z, and the opinion varies greater than most people like to believe, but the man knows how to kill a guest verse. Like Mariah Carey‘s “Heartbreaker” and Amy Winehouse‘s “Rehab”, he just made the song better. Anyway, Robin Thicke’s Sex Therapy: The Experience comes out December 15th. [Note: that is not the album cover but the cover to the single “Sex Therapy”, give me a break though, it’s close enough. And you would never have known the difference anyway. Jerk.]

“Meiplé (Me I Play)” (feat. Jay-Z) – Robin Thicke ★★★




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