Record of the Day: “Psycho (feat. Eminem)” – 50 Cent

6 11 2009

Talk about two people who really need to put out a good album. Relapse was a hot, steamy turd filled with Marshall Mather’s awful whining-rap voice that sounds like something Weird Al Yankovic would have done, and 50 literally hasn’t done shit but sell vitamin water and video games since Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

So far, so good. Eminem takes his voice and lyrics back to his roots, you know, murdering white women and stuffing in trash cans and such, and 50 doesn’t get embarrassed by comparison. I guess all they needed was a little visit from the doctor, because Dre’s beat works well. If the rest of Before I Self Destruct sounds like this, then it’ll be deserving of the quote 50 gave it: “A prequel to Get Rich or Die Tryin’“.

But Em and 50 need to mind their manners. If Relapse 2 blows like Relapse and Encore, we might have to take Eminem out of the best rappers discussion. And if Curtis can’t put out quality some three albums after Get Rich or Die Tryin’, then we’ll know he was a fluke, not a force in the genre.

“Psycho (feat. Eminem)” – 50 Cent ★★★




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