Record of the Day: “90210” – Wale

4 11 2009

Wale’s album, Attention Deficit, doesn’t drop until next Tuesday, but this little ditty should get you sufficiently hyped. Produced by one of Rhyme&Reason’s favorite producers, Mark Ronson, “90210” has got a Nintendo/808s & Heartbreak simple, electronic beat. Add one-part Wale and two-parts rhymes about shallow L.A. girls and you’ve made yourself a delicious songcake.

Let this be a lesson to you women, all of you who use poor nice guys or your God-given, fine-selves to get ahead in the game. One day a D.C.-area rapper will release a an album on a major record label and he will write a scathing, generalized song about the lot of you. And then how will you feel? Horrible. That’s how. Keep your clothes on and stay in school.

Who said blogs didn’t couldn’t tackle the big issues?

[Ed. Note: Rhyme&Review will post about this album Monday, so plan your week accordingly.]

“90210” – Wale ★★★★




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